Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Same stamps, different coloring

I've been playing with acrylic paints and my new stamps.......


  1. I know I have commented before on these but I cannot stress this enough on how much I LOVE them! I would love to watch you make these so I know what your secret is. :-)

  2. Take a vacation to FL and I will teach you all my "secrets" :-)

  3. Hi Marina -

    I just love what you have done with these images, the same and yet different. Really amazing. I've been tied up with things the last few weeks and have not really had a chance to check emails and the blogs I follow. So I was overjoyed to find that you have new stamps out! And what wonderful works of art they are. I'm getting ready to going shopping at Cherry Pie. Thank you so much for such great stuff!

    Elaine Allen

  4. Thank you for the nice words Elaine! I'm all giggles here :-) Love my new stamps too! (until I get bored and I want new ones!!! LOL)

  5. I need to catch up - LOVE the birdcage image. These are all great!


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