Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello from the Cherry Pie "lady"

I think this is it. I'm surrendering to having a blog. I always said I wouldn't, but I think this will be a good place for some tutorials related to rubber stamping. I'm thinking of publishing some how-to's of stamp making......... and other pics and info about my world and life.
I'm asked almost daily how to mount stamps so I guess that will be my first tutorial.
Meanwhile I'm quite excited that this week I finally released new images that I'm quite proud of.
Here left is the "Abundance" plate. I have designed all these images myself with the exception of the floral ball that's simply edited clip art.
All these images are done with Photoshop by using bits and elements from vintage art (baroque scrolls and flourishes). Each bit has been sorted, cleaned and assembled. It probably took longer than if I designed it by hand!
The Baroque heart uses a combination of vintage scrolls and the profile face is an assemblage of dozens of bits and flowers. I loved doing these......... I think I will do more in this style in the future!

My other plate is a spooky one in Goth style.
The heart was the one that really took hours and hours to achieve! First I needed a skull....... so I went up in the attic where I keep my Halloween skeletons...... and I brought one down. I sat it on my office sofa and took a bunch of pictures that I edited with Photoshop until I had the perfect black and white skull image. I designed the heart freehand and then I added the roses, swirls, bats and spatters. Sounds like quick'n'easy but it took forever. I have edited and added to it for 3 or 4 days until I decided it looked the way I wanted it!

The owl on branch was the most voted of 4 Owls on branch I had done! I asked some friends/customers to pick their favourite owl. Not everyone picked this one but it was the most voted. It was not my choice but now I think it's pretty cool :-)

The tombstones are from a photo I took in Savannah, GA. They have this quaint cemetery in the city center and I spent an hour (on New Year's Day 2008) taking pics of the various tombstones and graves. I knew I would make a rubber stamp with some of them and here I did!
This is the original photoAll images from these plates are also sold as singles.

My 3rd release is a plate of Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to do these since......... 15 years at least!
Better late than never........
It's crammed with images and it will be sold as a plate only. No singles.

Guess this is enough for a first post and considering I hate blogging! ;-)