Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gothic arch

OK, I admit it's not all new work. I made that Gothic arch a year ago or more... you can also see it in the old posts...... but I repainted it and I added the background ....A little recycling...... :-)
The background is done with tissue paper.

©Marina - Cherry Pie Art Stamps 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Halloween art

I love Halloween and all the spooky decorations........ it's the only holiday I truly enjoy.
I drive around every year just to see the graveyards popping up in people's lawns as long as monsters, witches and carved pumpkins. I wish I were a child in America!

I want to start stamping something spooky soon. Meanwhile I attach here one of last year's cards.
I'm going to feature all the spooky art from all members of the Cherry Pie ning group soon so please join the group if you haven't already and share your Halloween artwork with us. At least one Cherry Pie stamp is preferred...... Check the beautiful Goth, magic, spooky stamps from Cherry Pie!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Waiting for the Art doll swap pages......

While waiting for the players to send in their pages, I have played on an extra one myself. This is not my main entry in the book (that I'm keeping secret until I send all the books back).
I have used only the art doll plate to do this. First I cut out all the doll parts that I stamped on an old dictionary, then I made my naked doll by sticking the pieces together.
After this I stamped the body on the reverse side of pink paper and I cut it out adding a skirt.
Last I stamped the shoes on the reverse side too so I could have pink shoes instead of black.
A little glue, some hair doodling and a fancy hat finished the doll that was attached to a piece of scrapbook paper and stamped with the tiny Cherry Pie butterflies. Pretty easy fun project.
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