Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stamped bookmarks by the Cherry Pie Yahoo group

Even though I usually go to bed too late every night, I love to read a few pages of a book before sleep. I often alternate the books I read (they're all non-fiction so it's not that hard) and I decided I needed to have a bunch of bookmarks to keep in my nightstand drawer so I can have one whenever I need!
That's how I got the idea of organizing a bookmarks swap with my Yahoo group!
Now I have 18 original, colorful and fabulous bookmarks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free shipping week at

This is a bit late but there are still several days to Sunday so here's the deal:
Free shipping to all US/Canadian orders over $25 and all overseas orders over $50.
Also one nice freebie of my choice will come with ANY order.
Please NOTE: this offer is valid only for orders placed from my website and NOT for orders from eBay.
This special deal ends Sunday, March 29th at midnight EST.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finished Wednesday Addams, my new dolly

I'm quite pleased with how she turned out.
She is 8-1/2" inches tall and made of Paperclay with acrylic eyes.
She is holding a black spider on her left hand.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stamped paper dolls

Since I'm into the doll frenzy, I thought of showing here some paper dolls made by my Yahoo group. All stamps used are by Cherry Pie of course.

New doll

When I make a new doll I start with sculpting a face. I don't know who she will be until she "speaks" to me. This new face hadn't spoken for some days, but last night I heard her saying she's Wednesday Addams!
I wasn't so sure so I googled online and I found these pics of the 1991 movie with Christina Ricci and, hey, she really has similar features!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gothic windows booklet

For those who read my blog and are not in my Yahoo group, this is a swap we organized in 2008.
I made a template for this Gothic arch so all the players could use the same size. We were 11 players and I bound all the entries in accordion fold. It turned out really neat!

The players in the order of the pages are: myself (Marina), Kathy Ronan from FL, Loretta d'Onofrio (Australia), Mary Ann Severin, Barbe Dare (Australia), Melanie Becker (Germany), Brandy Wickham from OH, Barbara Poe from FL, Carol Anderson from Australia, Janie Husband from NC, Zed McWilton from FL and me again with the back cover.