Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cherry Pie etsy store

Just a quick note to say that tonight I have started filling my Cherry Pie etsy store!
I have been procrastinating on it for months........
I still hope to sell more from my website than from etsy or eBay but I do like etsy a lot...... especially for the many cool artists and crafters you can find there!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Cherry Pie Lady

I either never post or I post too much........... :-D
The past month or so I have been bitten by the doll making bug and I devoted most of my nights to sculpting art dolls out of paperclay. I want to show one here because it's related to this blog since she is my Cherry Pie lady :-)
You can see all the dolls I made so far on my Flickr gallery or see what is available for sale on my etsy store.
The Cherry Pie lady is SOLD.

Haunted houses

When I started this blog I said I was not good at blogging but now I see I'm worse than I thought myself! I haven't posted anything since July despite the fact I wrote a list of things I wanted to say and show here!
I even let Halloween go without posting and it's terrible considering it's my favorite holiday!
This was the second year I organized this cool Haunted house swap with my yahoo group and I want to show you a few houses here. In the next days (or weeks...... or... ehm... maybe months) I plan on showing off some of the nice artwork made by me and my yahoo group using my rubber stamps. I will do my best to keep up with this resolution!
Meanwhile take a look at the haunted houses!
The first one to the left is done by me. I was inspired by the work of Laurie Mika and her polymer clay tile mosaics so I made the roof, window and door out of Paperclay. I stamped and painted each tile. I loooved doing it! A lot of fun! I actually want to do more of this kind of stuff and I'm currently organizing another swap that includes clay mosaic so stay tuned and I will show that next!

More haunted houses....... randomly picked among many........ The first from left in the row is by Deb Patrick from Michigan, the second is by Janie Husband from NC and the third is by Melanie Becker from Germany.

The next is by Brandy Wickham from OH

These are mine again and done for the same swap in 2007 And now an overview of all the cards I got for the Halloween swap 2007