Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stamped bookmarks by the Cherry Pie Yahoo group

Even though I usually go to bed too late every night, I love to read a few pages of a book before sleep. I often alternate the books I read (they're all non-fiction so it's not that hard) and I decided I needed to have a bunch of bookmarks to keep in my nightstand drawer so I can have one whenever I need!
That's how I got the idea of organizing a bookmarks swap with my Yahoo group!
Now I have 18 original, colorful and fabulous bookmarks!


  1. I love making book marks for my friends and family - these are beautiful.

  2. They're pretty. My local library gives away free bookmarks I've built up a bit of collection in recent weeks.

  3. Aweeesome stuffs girls !!
    (should've checked this blog earlier for inspiration bcos we've got a new challenge out this week to make Bookmarks !!! and those are grrreat :)


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