Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gothic windows booklet

For those who read my blog and are not in my Yahoo group, this is a swap we organized in 2008.
I made a template for this Gothic arch so all the players could use the same size. We were 11 players and I bound all the entries in accordion fold. It turned out really neat!

The players in the order of the pages are: myself (Marina), Kathy Ronan from FL, Loretta d'Onofrio (Australia), Mary Ann Severin, Barbe Dare (Australia), Melanie Becker (Germany), Brandy Wickham from OH, Barbara Poe from FL, Carol Anderson from Australia, Janie Husband from NC, Zed McWilton from FL and me again with the back cover.


  1. Hello Marina,

    Thank you for the comment you left me how did you know that I had used your lovely stamp?

    I want to say that I adore this beautiful arch book it's amazing and thank you for sharing it.

    Chriss x

  2. Psychic powers.... he he...... but google alerts helps a lot in finding who is using my stamps around the world :-)
    Thank you for your nice comments and lovely artwork!!!

  3. Hi Marina,

    I would like to say I adore your fabulous crative work !!!!


    MARTINA xxx


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