Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skinny Book - artwork by the Cherry Pie Yahoo group

Today I want to show off some cool artwork done by my Yahoo group. We swapped this "skinny" booklet that actually ended up being a fat-skinny one! In fact the requirements were to use at least one handmade clay piece and we all ended up with really thick pages!


  1. They are really professionally done.

  2. They are all beautiful piaces!!
    I want make this too.

    By the way,on my blog, I presented the award to you.
    Please accept !!

  3. Is your Yahoo Group open to anyone?

    ~Stacy Alexander

  4. It sure is, but you must like stamping...... do you?
    :-) Marina

  5. Love the books!!!! Love your new kitten too. Was thrilled to see you stopped by my blog - have several handfuls of your stamps (from when you were at 'Creative Pallette in St Mary's).

  6. And I thank you for the link you gave to my company from your blog. That's how I found you in fact!
    The Creative Palette was so much fun.....

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