Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Orders shipped!

At Cherry Pie's all US orders are shipped by electronic mail with a delivery confirmation and Misty takes care of it.

Then Gino makes sure that everything is brought to the Post Office the same day!

It's so good to have such efficient helpers! :-)
Maybe I'll take a vacation....


  1. Cute pics! Maybe we need a cat gallery at the Yahoo group, although my cat isn't cute and fluffy like yours are.

  2. ALL cats are cute!!!!!!

  3. Cindy TrobaughJanuary 08, 2009

    They look so much alike. Are they related?

  4. Same breed: Golden Persian. No blood related but breed cats all look alike.

  5. What great pictures Marina and gorgeous cats - Happy New Year - hope its a good one for you and Cherry Pie.x


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