Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Xmas 2008 prototypes

My Christmas card for this year is still a prototype and it's already Dec 11th! I know some people make their Xmas cards in July!! Not me!!!! LOL
I hope to have a final version on Dec 25th!

I am thinking of a winter spirit......
Here I played with printed papers and my "Face features" stamp.
I like to use this stamp (and the larger versions too) and then doodle, paint, collage around it. I have done a big number of different ladies by using the same features. A little paint and doodling can turn these features into a totally different character.


  1. I believe I like the top one best.

  2. The 1st version I like much more!!!
    I am interested how the final card will look like??? I hope, we will see it!!

  3. You will......... if I ever make it!! LOL

  4. What an awesome idea with the face stamp. I finished my cards a couple days ago so I know how you feel.


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