Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas doll - Thea

Thea is my new creation, a little 9 inch (22 cm) girl made of paperclay. She is holding a Christmas ornament I made out of rolled paperclay and stamped (both sides) with the large Klimt swirls.


  1. wow, Marina, she is so sweet...Love that face and the feet with the flip flops...BEAUTIFUL doll!!!!!!

  2. Marina, your dolls are awesome. You will make a lot of money selling those. You might even become famous!


  3. Oh, Thank you....:-).... I WISH....!! The difficult thing is in parting from them..... so I will probably not end up making a lot money but I will just have a large dolls collection! LOL Soon I will post pics of my new girl.......

  4. Hello Marina! OMIGOSH!! Your dolls are absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea that you made dolls. They are all beautiful but this one is my favorite.

    Susan Walton

  5. She's my fave girl too........ :-)


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