Monday, September 5, 2011

New rubber stamps from Cherry Pie!

I've been really bad this year..... I haven't posted anything here, I also haven't added new designs until... now!
Finally and right on time for Halloween...... enjoy!

here's a preview of the plates.
Most of these images are also sold as singles in the link above

All images are designed or edited by Marina Lenzino.
The Angel Statue is from a photo by Ali Scotland taken in the cemetery of Lokey Kirk in Scotland, UK.
The tombstone with crow is from a photo I took in the antique cemetery of Apalachicola, FL 


  1. These images are absolutely the coolest Halloween type stamps I have ever seen. I really can't wait to purchase them through your link. Simply outstanding! Have a magical day, Nan

  2. So happy hear that Nan! Thank you!!

  3. I love these.... i have them on order already!

  4. Love your designs Marina..happy I found your stamp shop & that you alerted me )O(

  5. Hi Marina: Here is the first piece I made using your stamp.


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