Monday, June 14, 2010

Cherry Pie is 19!

I still can't believe I have been doing something for so long......... I was a baby when I started ;-) Pressing rubber from my pram LOL

Well...... to celebrate this event, I will offer 10% off your orders beginning now until end month (June 30th, 2010). Postage and taxes are excluded. 10% off your subtotal.
ONLY orders coming from my website or by email. No eBay or etsy.
If you want to combine with stuff I have on eBay (such as accessories or magazines), you are welcome to.
How to do it? 
* You first order from my website and pay all postage as requested in your check out page.
* Claim your 10% off through the Paypal message window or email me.
* Buy what you want on eBay and ask me to combine postage with your previous website order.

I will do the Math for you.

Remember, you have to claim the 10% off and I will REFUND it from what you paid through Paypal.
A "refund" is commission-free so you get the full 10% back.

No minimum required. Any order that claims the discount, will get it.
You can tell your friends!

Happy Birthday to Cherry Pie is the keyword ;-)
¸. ·´ ¸. ·´¨)


  1. Happy Birthday to Cherry Pie, well done to make it 19yrs, it's a very long time in this industry, just goes to show the quality of your stamps Marina:)

  2. Many happy returns ! Keep up the good work and here's to another great year ahead !

  3. Wow Marina! I'm going to your website now....

    What was I thinking is right... It's
    ""I wasn't thinking"!!!! I guess I thought I was putting on weight so what... Go to the gym!

    Not for awhile again... I truly do feel cursed from this crazy year! LOL!
    Cheers ~ Pattee

  4. Wait what??? Is it your birthday???
    Mine is the 26 of this month!

    Happy happy Birthday to you!

  5. He he Pattee, I wish it was MY 19th birthday!! LOL
    It's my business birthday... meaning I have already worked far too much.... :-D
    This company is my baby so I celebrate her birthdays....

  6. Keep up the good work and here's to another great year ahead !
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  7. Marina I can't go to your blog to see your favorite doll!!!

    It says that blog has been reported for abuse~??????


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