Thursday, August 13, 2009

New doll with vintage teddy bear

I finally added hands and feet to Melanie, my last dolly. I made her for my miniature vintage teddy bear than my grandpa gave me when I was 3 or 4 years old. He has been around me all my life (while my grandpa passed on when I was 5) and I wanted to give him a special place so I thought that best was to make tiny arms that could hug him.
More of my dolls photos can be seen here


  1. Marina -

    What a beauty she is. And I just adore that little bear. Such a lovely thing to do to preserve your grandfather's memory.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Love your doll Marina, very well designed and she looks great !!

  3. Marina, she's darling! Usually I have to make things to go with a doll. But you, you have made a doll to go with an accessory! Fantastic!

  4. Thank you guys :-)
    Moriah, I usually make accessories to go with the dolls too, but the last two dolls both started with a dress........ and I made the doll to fit the dress! :-) It worked great for me so I didn't have to sew!!!! (I will do anything if I can avoid sewing...)

  5. Oh she is so beautiful Marina!! And this cute little teddybear. I got some of those tiny tiny bears too. I love them :)

  6. oh, Marina, she is tiny and yet so beautiful....where do your talents stop....

  7. YOU MADE THIS DOLL???!!!! She is gorgeous. Oh my goodness, Marina. You are so very talented.

    xox Rella


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