Monday, November 24, 2008

The Cherry Pie Lady

I either never post or I post too much........... :-D
The past month or so I have been bitten by the doll making bug and I devoted most of my nights to sculpting art dolls out of paperclay. I want to show one here because it's related to this blog since she is my Cherry Pie lady :-)
You can see all the dolls I made so far on my Flickr gallery or see what is available for sale on my etsy store.
The Cherry Pie lady is SOLD.


  1. These are amazing Marina! They look like they are porcelin. You have many amazing talents, what can't you do?! :-)

  2. I'm a jack of all trades........ master of nothing!! LOL
    But I enjoy doing things and creating. My dolls are far from looking like porcelain but thanks Brandy. I use enjoy doing these and will keep trying to improve them........ :-)X


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